Pavlos Mavridis

Pavlos Mavridis

Postdoc Researcher
Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization
Graz University of Technology

Email: pmavridis [at] [remove this] gmail [dot] com


About Me

Pavlos Mavridis is a postdoc researcher at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization at Graz University of Technology in Austria, where he is working on shape analysis and geometry processing algorithms, with applications on 3D data acquisition and 3D printing. His research interests also include rendering and global illumination algorithms. He received his BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Athens in Greece in 2004 and 2006 respectively. After working for several years as a software engineer at the Foundation of the Hellenic World (from 2007 till 2013), where he was designing and optimizing real-time rendering algorithms for Virtual Reality applications running on immersive multi-projection CAVE and Dome setups, he received in 2013 his PhD in the field of Computer Graphics from the Department of Informatics at the Athens University of Economics and Business, under the supervision of Prof. Georgios Papaioannou. Later, he continued his research interests within the FP7 project "Presious" (2013-2016), where he worked as a senior researcher on rigid and non-rigid registration algorithms.